A baby shower is an occasion for celebrating the impending birth of a child. The small intimate gathering of friends and family shower the mom-to-be with gifts that will help her after the birth of the baby.

Choosing the perfect baby shower gift can be quite confusing. Here are some popular baby shower gifts that you can include on your baby shower shopping list.

Baby Bath Kit


After the arrival of the baby, the new mom will need bath essentials for the infant. A baby bath kit is a popular baby shower gift. The kit comprises of soap, powder, sponge or washcloth, towel and baby brush or comb. A baby tub and rubber duck can be wonderful additions to the baby bath kit.

Baby Bedding


To sleep comfortably the baby needs soft and attractive bedding. The lovely pastel colored sheets with images of animals are appropriate for the nursery. Baby bedding is one of the most popular gifts for baby shower.

Baby Month Stickers


A set of monthly stickers can be a wonderful baby shower gift. Babies grow too fast. To keep track of the important milestones in the early life of a child you need monthly stickers that tag photos of the child taken at the different stages of growth. From the delicate vulnerable newborn to the cheerful one year old, the onesie stickers help parents  preserve every moment of the early days of a child’s life. The attractive stickers are used not only for tracking the first twelve months in the life of a child. They are also used for tagging the pregnancy photos of the expectant mother.

Baby Sling


For the expectant mom, a baby sling can be a useful baby shower gift. Most moms are reluctant to leave the baby back home while they are outdoors. Parents will appreciate the baby sling which will help carry the child with them. Babies love to be carried in the sling. According to pediatricians, maintaining a close contact with the child helps to strengthen the bond between the parent and the child.



Popular baby shower gifts include essential objects that a child would need daily after birth. You can give a diaper bag, t-shirts, wipes, diapers, feeding bottles, pacifiers or even small toys that are specifically designed for babies to the expectant parents. You can also give the parents books that will guide them during their early parenthood days.



Babies are a source of joy for parents.  Nothing is as enjoyable as watching the baby gradually develop into a cute toddler.  Babies grow quite fast, and to capture the enchanting, fleeting moments of their lives, many parents nowadays rely on month stickers for babies.

Importance of Month Stickers for Babies

Month stickers are the most convenient option for recording the growth and development of a baby.  In addition to monitoring the growth process of the child, they enable parents to share photos with relatives and friends.  Grandparents, especially, eagerly await the arrival of photos of grandchildren with monthly stickers.  There are so many times in the life of a baby that you would love to preserve.  Your baby smiling, sleeping, yawning, crawling and crying are some of the special moments that most people love to remember, even when their little ones have entered into their adult lives.  After baby is grown these monthly stickers will give them an idea of their infant days.  Your child will always thank you for maintaining this record of his or her babyhood days.

Types of Month Stickers for Baby

Month stickers are available in a variety of colors and interesting shapes.  You can buy standard baby month stickers or order customized month stickers.  These stickers can be stuck anywhere.  While taking a photo of your child or recording the different moments of your baby’s life, the stickers can be stuck to the child’s t-shirt or dress.  Watching the videos and viewing the photos several years later will remind you of the occasion when they were taken.  The baby month stickers are frequently stuck in the baby’s album where you are preserving these priceless photos of your child.  The stickers indicate the month the photos were taken, providing a useful historical record of the babyhood days of your child.  Some innovative parents create attractive banners with the month stickers and photos of their child snapped each month.  Parents eager to display their child’s profile with the world can upload these pictures on social networking sites, thus sharing the memorable moments with friends spread across the globe.

A Great Baby Shower Gift

While awaiting the birth of a child, family and friends celebrate the occasion with baby shower parties.  These stickers are ideal gifts for baby showers.  Parents eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newborn will always appreciate the lovely cute stickers.


Preserving The Best Memories Of Childhood With Baby Stickers

Having a baby at home is the most beautiful experience for everyone, especially the new parents. They continue to find the most advanced and the most beautiful way to store their child’s growing years through pictures and videos. With today’s advancement, clicking pictures has become instant and you can view them on any portable device.  With technology comes complications.  Storing the photos on various folders of your computer can create a little trouble. Among the thousands of pictures stored on your hard drive it can be difficult to distinguish your child’s age and growth.

To make things easy for yourself get monthly baby stickers if you have a newborn in the house or if you are expecting one. Recording a baby’s growth is rarest of the moments and you don’t experience it very often in life. Everything your child does in the beginning years of life is extraordinary and you will want to relish it throughout your life. But just clicking random pictures will be of no help unless you tag them properly. Specifically, one needs to do this with the pictures of the newborn because in the coming years you will find yourself trying to remember when the photo was taken.

With these baby stickers you can easily keep a record of your child’s age. Then, when you open the album the next time, the sticker will remind you of the age of your child when the picture was snapped. Just stick the stickers on the clothes of your baby and freeze that moment in the form of a priceless picture. Along with your baby’s photo you can click pictures of his/her first toy, car, doll or anything precious that kids will want to remember as they grow up.

These pictures are not just for memory but if you have a look at the recent pics you can compare the growth of the child as well. (It can also keep you reminded about the vaccination months of the baby).  Why just purchase it for your child? If you have a newborn around you can always gift this item at the baby shower and surprise those parents with a unique and exciting new gift. Now, you and those close to you can display your baby’s pictures with their age on the social sites and also share them with the kids when they are grown.


Importance of Baby Month Stickers

It is the joy of every parent to see his or her baby growing.  Those early months are some of the most precious moments in a baby’s life but, unfortunately, it can be hard to keep them fresh in the mind.  It is therefore expected that parents use photos to help remember the baby’s developments.  With photos it is easy to arrange a baby album as the baby grows.

However, even with photos it can still be difficult for parents to remember how old the baby was when they took the pictures.  This is where the baby month stickers come to the rescue of most parents.  The stickers  help keep track of the baby’s development month-after-month, making it easy for parents to enjoy the growth.

Baby Month Sticker

They also help with remembering those moments years later when the child is all grown up.  The well arranged photos can even be shared with family and friends, enabling them to also share in the joy of the growth and development.

Helping keep the memories fresh is an important role for the month stickers.  You will always enjoy seeing the changes that your baby made monthly when using the stickers for taking great photos.  The stickers generally come packaged from zero to twelve months.    They are designed with attractive graphics, colors and patterns.  There are stickers suited to boys, girls and gender neutral.  This gives you many options from which to choose.  Shopping is half the fun!

With the baby month stickers, you need only to stick them onto your baby’s t-shirt or onesie each time he or she turns another month older and take the photo.  Many years down the line, you will not have any difficulties in telling how old your baby was when you took the photo as it will be documented on the onesie or t-shirt.  The baby month stickers also make a most suitable gift for a  baby shower.  It is a unique way to honor the arrival of the new baby.

Quality and packaging are important when purchasing your baby month stickers.  When used carefully, a quality sticker can be reused or placed in the baby’s album as a momento.  Attractive packaging is essential when giving the stickers as a gift.  You also want to purchase stickers which are appealing in design and color.  Photos embellished with colorful, well-designed stickers become a priceless keepsake.


Baby Stickers as a Baby Shower Gift

When attending baby showers, everybody has the desire to have the most unique, yet sensible, gift for the parents.  The baby shower gifts are a great way of leaving a mark on the baby’s life as well as making an impression on the parents-to-be.  There are numerous baby shower gift options to choose from today and you can make them as personal as possible to ensure that they stand out from the rest.  A simple idea could end up being the best present that the parents receive.

The Baby Sticker Gift Idea

The greatest joy of a parent is to see a baby’s growth and development and capture the moments on film.  There is no better baby shower gift idea than practical and stylish baby month stickers.  The stickers make it easy for parents to put together a chronological baby album.  It also serves a long term purpose of making sure that parents will always remember what age the baby was when the photo was taken.

The baby stickers are a great way of remembering the growth and comparing the changes the baby makes every single month of his or her life.  The stickers definitely make great baby shower gifts.  They come well packaged to cover all months and it is even possible to get special ones for a particular gender.  The market has taken care of baby girls and boys as well as babies whose gender is not yet known.  This kind of categorization has made it possible for everyone to get the best for the baby in question.

There are stickers to please everyone as they come in a variety of patterns, colors and themes.  Some will also leave a small space on the packaging where you can write a message to the parents or baby you are gifting to, making the baby stickers even more special and unique. Considering that they are easy to apply, reasonably priced and so well received by the gift recipients, they are  one of the best gifts you can give to your family members or friends.  In years to come, even the child will appreciate the thoughtfulness of having their early years documented in such a special way.

When choosing the baby stickers as the ideal baby shower gift, make sure to take into consideration all the important aspects that will get you the best quality and choice for the baby in question.

Types of Baby Stickers

Every parent looks forward to capturing and storing their baby’s developments.  With today’s technology it is easy to preserve those memorable moments as they occur instead of having them disappear.  There are now digital cameras which make it easy to keep a record of your baby.  With photos you will always find it fun to walk down memory lane and review your child’s growth.

The photos need to be arranged in a manner that keep track of all the details.  The introduction of baby stickers have made it easy for parents to keep well detailed, sequenced photos of baby’s developments and changes.  You will now find the stickers in different styles, colors and shapes,  thus making it possible to get the best for your needs.

Baby Month Stickers:  These are stickers which will help in establishing the age of your baby each time you take a photo.  They cover all months from the first to the last before your baby turns one.  You will only need to stick them onto the baby’s clothes each time he or she turns a month older and then proceed taking your photos.  They are an easy way to keep track of baby’s growth as well as sharing with your family and friends.

Baby Year Stickers:  Apart from the monthly stickers, you will also find yearly stickers for the first few years of your child’s life.  Just like the month stickers, you stick them onto their clothing before taking a photo of your child on each birthday.  This is an easy way to keep a well-detailed album of your child for your family and friends, as well as the child (who will appreciate this keepsake in the years ahead).   The stickers come in boy, girl and unisex styles which makes it easy to find the most suitable.

Baby Milestone Stickers:  The milestones in your baby’s life are simply the most precious.  To remember them clearly, you need to capture them the best way possible.  The milestone stickers have been introduced to make it easy for parents to capture those precious times.  You will find stickers for everything you need, from the first smile, first roll-over and upright sit to the first step they take and many others in order to record those milestones which are so precious to parents, family and friends.  The photos taken with the stickers applied will always bring back those happy memories.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!  We’re off today but will be back tomorrow.  Here are some safety tips from our friends at Independencedayfun.

Tip #1

Have a fire extinguisher readily available. This way if there was an accidental fire, the fire can be put out quickly.

Tip #2

Have water buckets and a hose available. This is also important in the case that a fire becomes larger than a small extinguisher can take care of.

Tip #3

Bird safety is also important when it comes to 4th of July decorations. They end up eating the decorations, getting caught in them or getting hurt. If you have a family bird, or even if you want to consider the safety of a wild bird, keep in mind that the bright colors of red, white and blue will attract a bird as a chew toy.

Tip #4

Alcohol is a favorite of many for the holiday celebrations. However, it is important to keep alcohol away from children and animals. There is a potential risk of alcohol poisoning if consumed by a child or animal.

Tip #5

Some decorations have smaller parts, or dangerous chemicals. This is another area that can be dangerous to small children and animals. If there is going to be small children and animals around, it is important to make sure that the decorations are safe in the lower areas.

Tip #6

When you are disposing of 4th of July decorations and fireworks, make sure that they are completely free of heat and fire. This way there will not be a smoldering fire happening after the party is over.
Tip #7

When you decorate the area that you will be setting off fireworks, it is important to make sure that the decorations are a safe distance from the actual fireworks. This should be a roped off area, that is away from children.

Tip #8

Make sure that the area you are lighting fireworks off is also free of bushes, dry grass, trees, streamers, balloons, flammable helium, and other fire hazardous materials.

Tip #9

Safety includes removing small pieces of balloons, fireworks, and other items that are able to choke small children. The main thing about decorations that is dangerous to small children is either chocking, or being strangled by them.

Tip #10

Stay away from illegal fireworks. They are illegal due to the increased danger involved with certain types of fireworks. Here is a list of the fireworks to avoid.

Large re-loadable mortar shells
Cherry bombs
Ariel bombs
M-80 salutes
Large firecrackers

Following this 4th of July decoration safety tips should make it easier to maintain a safe and fire-free environment for all.

- See more at: http://www.independencedayfun.com/151/4th-of-july-safety-tips/#sthash.eGupLiWc.dpuf

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Easter Holiday!

The Picky Sticky team would like to wish everyone a very happy easter holiday.  Below are some Holiday Egg safety tips to keep those little ones safe!

- Holiday Egg Safety Tips -

If you’re planning to decorate Easter eggs this year, or if you’re preparing hard boiled eggs for your Passover seder, here are a dozen egg safety tips to help you and your family stay healthy.

1.  Use one set of eggs for decorating and hunting, and another for eating. Or to be really safe, use plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt instead of real ones.

2.  Keep everything clean. Wash utensils, countertops and other surfaces that eggs come in contact with. That includes washing your hands thoroughly with soap and hot water before and after handling raw eggs or cooked eggs that will be eaten.

3.  Coloring Easter eggs can be fun, but if you’re planning to eat the eggs you dye, make sure that you only use food-grade dyes.

4.  Keep hard-boiled eggs intended for eating in the refrigerator until the last possible minute.

5.  Check the temperature of your refrigerator with an appliance thermometer to make sure that it is at 40°F or colder.

6.  Under no circumstances let anyone eat eggs that have been unrefrigerated (whether at room temperature or outside) for more than two hours. That includes hard-boiled egg used as part of the Passover seder.

7.  If you hollow out eggshells by blowing the raw egg through holes in the shell, you could expose yourself to salmonella from raw egg touching your mouth. To be safe, use pasteurized egg shells. If pasteurized eggs aren’t available, you should sanitize the outside of the egg before it touches your mouth. To do so, wash the egg in hot water and rinse it in a solution of 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach per half cup of water.

8.  If you plan to use the raw eggs you have blown out of their shells, cook and eat them right away — don’t try to store them.

9.  When preparing hard-boiled eggs for an egg hunt, be on the lookout for cracks in the shells. Even tiny cracks can allow bacteria to contaminate the egg. Eggs that have any cracks whatsoever should be discarded.

10.  If you’re hiding eggs outside, choose the cleanest hiding places you can, and avoid areas that pets or other animals might visit.

11.  Keep track of time to ensure that the hiding and hunting time don’t exceed a cumulative 2 hours. And remember, the eggs that are found must be refrigerated right away — or discarded if the 2 hour limit is exceeded.

12.  Nothing lasts forever! Even hard-boiled eggs that have been refrigerated properly must be eaten within 7 days of cooking.


Interesting Uses of Baby Stickers

Adorable photos can be taken and shared with friends and family. This is Picky Sticky's Girly Girl Set.

When a baby is expected to arrive in a few months’ time, there is a plethora of
activities happening at the home. A lot of preparations are expected; everything from setting up a baby room to the personal needs of the baby. The expectant parents need to keep a cool head when making the necessary preparations so as not to miss out on  important milestones of the baby. This includes the quick growth of the baby by the month which even photographs may not be able to indicate over time. Thus, it is the wise parents who consider the use of baby stickers to note the quick development of their baby during these stages.

Options of use

Baby stickers are growing popular with more parenting consumers giving them a thumbs up ranking. These special stickers offer a great way to record the development of the baby over the months with a clear indication of age which is noted by the number on the baby item.

These special baby stickers can be put on the baby’s onesies, booties, washable diapers, towels and feeding equipment to identify the stage they are in at the various months. Most baby stickers in the market today have a number on them to indicate the current  month of growth the baby is in.

As babies tend to grow quickly and busy parents may not be able to identify the physical changes easily, having baby stickers on various clothing and baby appliances help parents and other parties to note the change more easily. These baby stickers are also applicable on baby and family portraits or collages which can be sent off to families and friends who cannot visit often.

With the advancing technology today, baby photos with the month stickers can be posted onto Facebook or a blog for public viewing.   This is a great way to show off the baby’s cuteness or simply to update families and friends across the miles.


Baby stickers are very useful in helping parents identify the rate of growth of their baby. The early months are especially precious and  pass by very quickly. It is difficult to linger at a given time to fully appreciate the baby as the he/she demands a host of needs for comfort and care.

Baby stickers function to track the baby’s month to month development in order to help parents recollect some special moments during their leisure time. These precious moments can also be conveyed to the child in later years to form a stronger bond between child and parents.